Need A Repair?

Your local NYC Repair Technician.

Cellphone, Laptop, Tablet, Gaming, Smartwatch
 Repairs, Cleaning, Tune-ups,Battery Replacments & More

Our services

Cell Phone repair and replacement of broken screens, charge ports, speakers, cameras, batteries & much more!

Performing all physical repairs, broken screens, ports or battery replacement. Data transfers, PC tune ups, virus removal, anti-virus install, OS upgrades 

Tablet repairs, including screen replacements, charge ports, batteries, camera and some frame work as well. 

Gaming console cleanings, board reflows, HDMI, charge ports, device cleanings. We also repair remote controls.

Electronic Repair Shop

The RepairBabe team, once your local instore repair team for the largest cell phone carriers and insurance companies in America.


You no longer can walk in and get your device fixed same day.


That's where we come in! Providing low cost, high quality repairs. 

Exclusive offer

If you bring in more than one device for repair, we will apply a 10% discount on the lesser repair